Author J L Niemann’s new book “Rochester: A Thornfield Story” is a riveting period novel inspired by Charlotte Brontë’s “Jane Eyre” and Jean Rhys’s “Wide Sargasso Sea”


Well, it may be worth a look . . . or not. See below in bold.

J L Niemann is a New Jersey native, parent of two, and surgical physician assistant with strong family ties to the Tottenham area of London and Kent, England. She has published her latest book “Rochester: A Thornfield Story Based on Jane Eyre and Wide Sargasso Sea”: a passionate story written for the discerning reader of romantic fiction.

Niemann writes, “Set in 1840, ‘Rochester: A Thornfield Story’ is an imaginative exploration of Charlotte Bronte’s ‘Jane Eyre’ and its prequel ‘Wide Sargasso Sea’ by Jean Rhys, told through the eyes of their fiercely sensuous and introspective leading man, Edward Fairfax Rochester. Passionate and worldly, he tells an evocatively alternative tale of his consuming love for lonely governess Jane Eyre, from their compelling first encounter onward, all the while hiding and denying his terrible secret hidden away in Thornfield Hall’s north tower. Leaving behind coincidence and politesse, Edward tells his story in narrative rich with keen observations of settings and fellow players as he details his history of regrets, conflicts of conscience, and newfound relentless desire for a solitary young novice; Jane meantime finding her quiescent soul awakening under her master’s ardent allure.

In the backdrop is the beautiful and gentrified but mercenary Blanche Ingram who invested years in claiming Edward and expects her due. And Arthur Eshton, Edward’s loyal lifelong friend and fellow discarded second son to a wealthy sire. Then there’s Grace Poole, the embittered keeper of Edward’s secret, who schemes a solution to both the master’s burden and her own financial security. And of course Bertha Mason; incarcerated in the north tower, her madness is punctuated with longing for the lover she left behind in Jamaica. Protecting Bertha’s interests (and his own) is Richard Mason, the next-of-kin inheritor of the Rochester fortune and sole surviving co-conspirator responsible for Edward’s misery.”

“Rochester: A Thornfield Story” begins Edward’s journey from painful despair to absolution, told in his own uninhibited, saucy, conceited, funny, manly way, never dreaming of fading to black when the bedchamber door closes.

“Only read this book if you are interested in a version of the classic story written from a powerful male perspective, one that explores the fullness of love in all its details—passion and desire, beauty and ugliness, frailty and strength, chaos and redemption.” 
-Debbie “Debs” Moran


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