Kizin Creole: Chicago’s Only Haitian Restaurant


A report from abc7. Our thanks to Peter Jordens for bringing this item to our attention.

Kizin Creole is Chicago’s only Haitian restaurant, serving authentic dishes straight from the island nation.

The Rogers Park restaurant prides itself on being the heart of the Haitian community in the Midwest as it promotes Haitian food, art, music, the language of Creole and literature.”It’s more than just Caribbean food in Haiti,” said Daniel Desir, Kizin Creole’s owner and executive chef. “Since Haiti is one of the islands where we had a lot of colonizers, so it’s that we have a staple of French, Spanish, Italian. So we have a bit of everybody’s cuisine.”

Desir said he loves when people visit and “see that other face of Haiti.””It’s not just what we see on TV, what you hear from other people, but you come in for yourself to see how fun it is to learn about Haiti,” Desir said.

An older restaurant review is available at

Kizin Creole
2311 West Howard Street, Chicago, IL 60645

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