Artist Talk: Joiri Minaya


[Many thanks to Peter Jordens for bringing this item to our attention.] Here is a YouTube video featuring an artist talk by contemporary and multidisciplinary Dominican artist Joiri Minaya, hosted the Blanton Museum of Art. In her presentation, the artist discusses her work examining the construction and commodification of “tropical” identity in conjunction with the Blanton’s presentation of her video “Labadee” (September 14-December 8, 2019).

In New York, her work is currently on display as part of “Afro Syncretic” at King Juan Carlos I of Spain Center Auditorium (New York University) until February 29, 2020; “A Perfect Storm” at FACTION Art Projects in Harlem, until March 8, 2020; and “Fanfare” at Ildiko Butler Gallery, until March 13, 2020.

In this 1-hour presentation, Dominican-American artist Joiri Minaya Féliz (1990) states:

“My work is a reassertion of Self, an exercise of unlearning, decolonizing and exorcizing imposed histories, cultures and ideas. I make interdisciplinary work that explores the performativity of tropical identity as a product: the performance of labor, decoration, beauty, leisure, service, and the body within it all. It’s about reconciling the experience of having grown up in the Dominican Republic with living and navigating the U.S. / global North; using gaps, disconnections and misinterpretations in representation as fertile ground for creativity. I’ve learned there is a gaze thrust upon me which Others me. I turn it upon itself, mainly by seeming to fulfill its expectations, but instead sabotaging them, thus regaining power and agency.”

Her work is currently on display as part of “Afro Syncretic” at KJCC Auditorium in New York (until February 29, 2020), “Inside Art” at the Kids’s Museum of Manhattan, “A Perfect Storm” at FACTION Art Projects in Harlem (until March 8, 2020), and “Fanfare” at Ildiko Butler Gallery in New York (until March 13, 2020)

Learn more about the Blanton Museum of Art at

For more about Joiri Minaya Féliz:
Joiri Minaya’s Tropical-Inflected Critiques of Colonialism
Lauren Lluveras, Hyperallergic, December 19, 2019

Her website and FB page:

Links to the above-mentioned exhibitions:

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