Meet the Dominican Artists Who Are Revolutionizing the Sounds of the Island

Screen Shot 2020-02-23 at 11.42.54 PM.png

A report (and slideshow) by Nina Tran for Pop Sugar.

From a young boy who won the hearts of an amazed audience on Dominicana’s Got Talent, to musicians who proudly hail their Afro-Latinx roots, the Dominican Republic is giving us talent to keep our ojos on. And it’s not like it hasn’t before, with legends like salsa pioneer Johnny Pacheco, or Juan Luis Guerra, who just brought home his 21st Latin Grammy in November of last year.

Keep scrolling to find out who are the new artists rediscovering the sounds of the island, while adapting them to the modern times with catchy melodies that mix the past with the present, our folklore with the multiculturalism of today’s world.

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