Artist Wichie Torres Passes Away


Javier Martínez (Autogiro) writes about the recent death of Puerto Rican artist Wichie Torres:

Visual artist Wichie Torres passed away. He was one of those iconic artists, very present in our cultural scene, known for his colorful oil or acrylic paintings through which he presented our landscapes as well as costumbrista scenes in which his palette of vibrant pigments stood out.

Torres leaves a large quantity of visual work that goes from painting, graphics, and crafts; the presence of his work on the internet is remarkable, and, for those who do not know his body of work, that network provides them with an opportunity to witness his pieces.

Wichie Torres was born in Ponce, Puerto Rico, on March 29, 1952, and, as his Wikipedia page indicates, he is an exponent of costumbrismo; it also says that he is the first person in Central America and the Caribbean who underwent two independent heart transplants and extension of life. His first transplant was in the early nineties and the second in the year two thousand, operations that gave the artist 30 more years to leave a legacy in Puerto Rican painting.

The Institute of Puerto Rican Culture indicated on his Facebook profile upon his death, “Today Puerto Rican art loses one of its most vibrant colors with the death of the Ponce painter Wichie Torres. His unique style and colorful vision of our Afro-Caribbean roots will be a legacy that will live forever. May he rest in peace!”

[Translated by Ivette Romero. For full article (in Spanish), see]

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