Call for Papers: Whiteness in Latin America and the Caribbean


Here is a call for papers for a special journal issue. The main theme is “Concept and Approaches to Whiteness in Latin America and the Caribbean.” The deadline for submission of abstracts is March 2, 2020.

Description/Guidelines: The scholarship on race and ethnicity in Latin America and the Caribbean has focused predominantly on black and indigenous populations, granting the white category the privilege of a racially neutral existence, even in contexts where people identified as such are arguably a numerical minority. There remains a considerable dearth of scholarship that empirically and theoretically examines “whiteness” and “white privilege” in Latin American and Caribbean contexts. In this proposed special journal issue, we approach race as a relational concept that not only involves oppressed “racial minorities,” but also white populations who benefit from racial disparities in politically, socially, quotidian, and systemic ways.

Seeking to provide a roadmap to examine racial privilege in Latin America and the Caribbean, in this Call for Papers, we encourage abstract submissions from humanists and social scientists whose work carefully examines whiteness in the region, while highlighting critical theoretical debates and empirical approaches.  We are particularly interested in historical, sociological, political, literary, or ethnographic scholarship that focus on Central American countries, the Andean region, the Southern Cone, and the Caribbean. Given the region’s dominant narratives of mestizaje/mestiçagem and alleged erasure of racial differences, we are looking for papers that can address the following questions: 1) What is the significance of studying whiteness in Latin America and the Caribbean? 2) What are the most effective ways, theoretically and methodologically, to research whiteness in the region?

Interested scholars should submit the following materials to Dr. Hugo Cerón-Anaya (, Dr. Patricia de Santana Pinho (, and Dr. Ana Ramos-Zayas (

  • A Full Paper Title
  • An abstract of 400-500 words
  • An updated CV

Deadline: March 2, 2020.

For more information, see CFP: Whiteness in Latin America and the Caribbean


2 thoughts on “Call for Papers: Whiteness in Latin America and the Caribbean

  1. Hi – this shows my ignorance, but aIll ask anyway 🙂 in which document does this appear? What an unbelievable emphasis on whiteness! Would love to know


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