Hispaniola in Revolt: Critical Perspectives on Haiti and Santo Domingo


“Hispaniola in Revolt: Critical perspectives on Haiti and Santo Domingo” is an event hosted by the Marxist Education Project (MEP) on Saturday, January 25, 2020, from 3:30 to 6:00pm. The series of presentations and panel discussions will be held at New Perspectives Studio, located at 456-458 West 37th Street (near 10th Avenue; short walk from Penn Station) New York, New York.

Description: Come to participate with presentations and discussion on the revolutionary legacies of Hispaniola, the island shared by both Haiti and Santo Domingo. The panel will look at the current Haitian political crisis and popular revolt; the Haitian revolution, its emancipatory legacy of liberation and contradictions; the lessons of the 1946 and 1986 revolts in Haiti; race and class in Santo Domingo; the 1965 Dominican revolution as well as prospects for cross-border and international solidarity and revolution on the island and beyond.


MITCH ABIDOR has translated many of the key documents and accounts of the Haitian Revolution. His latest book is Down with the Law, an anthology of French individualist anarchist writings. He will discuss the contradictions of the Haitian revolution.

VIRGILIO OSCAR ARÁN is the National Field Home Care Organizer with the National Domestic Workers Alliance. Arán has participated in different forums to talk about the inhumane conditions Haitian immigrants suffer under in his native country, the Dominican Republic. He will discuss race and class in the Dominican Republic.

FRANCE FRANÇOIS is the Founder and CEO of In Cultured Company, an organization that works on conflict resolution and reconciliation between Haitians and Dominicans. She is a multi-passionate writer, activist, and change agent transforming communities of color around the globe by redefining the way their stories are told and how we impact their lives. France will also reconsider the Haitian revolts of 1946 and 1986.

LIONEL LEGROS is a longtime NYC-based activist and educator originally from Haiti. He fought the Duvalier dictatorship and founded L’Heure Haitienne Radio in New York City in the 1960s. He will discuss the current Haitian revolt.

Moderator: AMAURY RODRIGUEZ is a Dominican-born translator and independent researcher. He is a frequent contributor to the Marxists Internet Archives (MIA) and co-author, with Raj Chetty, of Dominican Black Studies, a special issue of The Black Scholar journal.

Suggested donations: $6 / $10 / $15 sliding scale • No one turned away for inability to pay.

One thought on “Hispaniola in Revolt: Critical Perspectives on Haiti and Santo Domingo

  1. Thre’re a lot of great activists, fighting the common cause, for the powerless, and the voiceless… How we the resilient people of these Caribbean Nations got here…
    Some of these activists, never left, their comfort zones.
    Most of them are from wealthy, or well to do families.
    They don’t even know what being hungry, for days feels like… Some of them, are here to make a sale… Who’s audience, are more profitable, the the Oppressors market himself??!… They’re here to make a sale. They don’t really care… But if they make enough noise, they’ll get that $$$$.
    “Look @ how Haïti, the country as a whole was forty + years ago, and now”…
    Please, help me here!…

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