Surinamese music icon Ernie (Ette Pette Boogie) Seedo deceased


Here is a translation (from Dutch) by Dale Battistoli of an unsigned article from Waterkant, “Surinamese music icon Ernie ‘Ette Pette Boogie’ Seedo deceased.”

Ernie Seedo, better known as “Boogie”, the founder of the Saamaka [Maroon] Surinamese pop music “SaraSeko”, died today. Last month he suffered a heart attack that he was ultimately unable to overcome, according to Roy Ristie of BRASA Media.

Boogie was lead singer, guitarist, and co-founder of the Exmo Stars, one of the most popular kaseko groups from our recent history. He scored a mega hit with the track “Ette Pette”, among others, tied with the Funmasters’ “Weti Fisi” as the bestselling and best-known Surinamese kaseko record ever.

Boogie was a multitalented all-around artist who could sing anything. He began his music career with the band Wasgo from Brownsweg. During his studies at the Christian Educational Institute (CPI) in Paramaribo he participated many times in the national student singing festival. He performed his own songs, against the tradition at the time.

In 1976 he established the group The Cosmo Stars with his cousin Artus King—the oldest brother of Onkel Seedo—Humphrey Adams, and Resinaldo Vrede. Onkel Seedo, the famous singer/guitarist, joined in 1977. After a tour in the Netherlands, many members of the group left, with these members continuing from 1981 as “The Exmo Stars” under Boogie’s leadership.

In addition to Saamaka songs, Boogie was also responsible for soul tracks. He was also a solid entertainer, who could speak fluent German as well as many other languages. The Exmo Stars released many successful records in the eighties. In addition to “Ette Pette”, they include “Langa Neki”, “Bala Noleja”, and “Bala Njuma”.

Ernie Seedo was employed until his retirement as a social worker in Dordrecht. He was 68.

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