“Is China Suriname’s new colonizer?”


Thomas Rueb (NRC Vandaag) presents the program “Is China de nieuwe kolonisator van Suriname?” [Is China Suriname’s new colonizer?]. Here is a description below.

Ties between Beijing and Paramaribo are a bit warmer than those with Amsterdam. South American correspondent Nina Jurna discusses what the possible effects are of China’s growing influence on Suriname.

Today Suriname celebrates its 44th independence day. Ties with the Netherlands, its former colonizer, are historically chilly, and it looks like another country has rushed to fill the gap. China is there building bridges, roads, stations, and train tracks through the jungle—payment comes later. But isn’t Suriname, in the process, becoming dependent on another country once again?

[Many thanks to Dale Battistoli for bringing this item to our attention.]

For full program and the original text (in Dutch), see https://www.nrc.nl/nieuws/2019/11/25/waarom-bouwt-china-wegen-en-bruggen-in-suriname-a3981407

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