Call for Submissions: “Handbook on Caribbean Education”


Here is a Call for Chapters” for Handbook on Caribbean Education, edited by Eleanor Blair (Western Carolina University) and Ken Williams (School for International Training, Graduate Institute). See information below. The deadlines for abstracts is January 1, 2020.

Description: The proposed volume brings together leading scholars in Caribbean education to focus on 21st century issues and concerns, specifically as they relate to educational research, theory, policy, and practice. Schooling continues to hold a special place both as a means to achieve social mobility and as a mechanism for supporting the economy of Caribbean nations. For the purposes of this study, the Caribbean will be considered to be the Greater and Lesser Antilles. The Greater Antilles includes the five larger islands (and six countries) of the northern Caribbean, including the Cayman Islands, Cuba, Hispaniola (Haiti and the Dominican Republic), Puerto Rico, and Jamaica. The Lesser Antilles includes the Windward and Leeward Islands, which are inclusive of Barbados, St. Vincent, Trinidad and Tobago, along with several other islands. As such, each chapter will provide perspectives on the history and sociology of the Caribbean recognizing that each island has its own unique “story”; The Handbook will attempt to capture the current breadth and depth of knowledge about Caribbean education while providing a comprehensive description of the current educational landscape and direction for future work and needs. Depending on the response to a call for chapters, the handbook will be organized either by countries or issues.

Potential topics include: the politics of language, social justice issues, culturally relevant pedagogy, race and gender issues, teaching profession, technology, leadership, high stakes testing, universal education, inclusive education, safe schools, financing schools etc.

The objectives of the book are the following:
• To describe the intersection of Caribbean education with contemporary global issues and concerns.
• To identify broad-based foundational research (history and sociology) on Caribbean education.
• To identify research on key issues (theory, policy and practice) impacting Caribbean schools.
• To articulate a vision of 21st century Caribbean education.

Potential topics include issues related to:
• the politics of language
• social justice
• culturally relevant pedagogy
• race and gender
• teachers, teachers’ work and/or the teaching profession
• technology
• leadership
• high stakes testing
• universal and/or inclusive education
• safe schools
• financing schools
• Other areas to be discussed and agreed upon with the editors

Please communicate your interest by submitting an abstract of 300-400 words which provides a summary of your chapter. Abstracts should be submitted no later than January 1, 2020 to: or

The following specific guidance will apply:
• Chapters should not exceed 6,500 words in length, including all references
• Chapters must derive from original research
• Chapters will follow the APA Style guide.

Suggested timelines:
• Submission of Abstracts: January 1, 2020
• Review & Decisions on Abstracts: January 15, 2020
• Submission of DRAFT chapters: March 15, 2020
• Review & Decisions on DRAFT chapters: March 31, 2020
• Submission of FINAL chapters: May 1, 2020
• Submission to publisher: June 1, 2020
• Expected publication date: September, 2020

For more information, see

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