Chineza Augustus at London Fashion Week


In “Chineza set to impress in London,” Heather Wood (The Royal Gazette) reviews Chineza Augustus (Sevuhn), from Bermuda, who will be one of the participating designers at London Fashion Week in September 2020. Here are excerpts:

Bermuda Fashion Festival was “nerve-racking”, but Chineza Augustus will always be grateful. It set her on the path she’s now on: London Fashion Week. The Bermudian designer will be there in September displaying her brand Sevuhn before industry influencers — buyers, international media and A-list celebrities who might select a piece from her collection to wear at a major event.

She got her start while young, influenced by her mother Rosina Santucci. “I always cut up jeans and stuff like that. My mom always made me and my brother’s clothing. She wanted to be a designer and, although she never got into it, her [interest and talent] pretty much paved the way for me.”


Despite that early appeal, Ms Augustus didn’t get hands on with a sewing machine wheel until she was a student at CedarBridge Academy. “Michelle Fray taught a class where you have to make an apron. It sparked an interest in design and I started drawing from there.” Immediately after high school, she went to London, England, to study fashion photography, but “got homesick” and left before completing the course.

Back in Bermuda, however, she regained focus. “Everyone was pushing me to keep going,” she said. “I started drawing. Michelle Fray [had shown] me how to draw on a figure and so from there it was all up to me to create.” She chose the name Sevuhn as it’s the pronunciation has attached to seven, her favourite number; “the number of perfection”. “I wanted my clothing line to represent perfection,” she said. [. . .]

“I hope to be exposed, to put Bermuda on the map. I hope that young people of Bermuda see [it as a sign that you should] never give up on your dreams.” [. . .]

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