2019 Transoceanic Visual Exchange Exhibition


Here is a new post by Fresh Milk. The 2019 Transoceanic Visual Exchange Online Exhibition presents a combination of Chinese and Caribbean artists such as Barbadians Versia Harris, Kadiejra O’Neal, Adam Patterson, and Kia Redman, along with Luk Gama (Guadeloupe) and Richard Mark Rawlins (Trinidad & Tobago).

Fresh Milk is excited to launch the Transoceanic Visual Exchange 2019 Online Exhibition, which will be available for viewing between November 23–December 21, 2019.

Exhibiting artists include:

Wang Chen (China/Australia) – My Little Brother and Secret
Chen Dandizi (China) – Deep Relax
Luk Gama (Guadeloupe) – Tan boudé chiré…
Versia Harris (Barbados) – For Peace
Zhiliang Jin (UK/China) – Shareable Horizons
Kadiejra O’Neal (Barbados) – Gestation Period
Adam Patterson (Barbados) – Buchibushi and Rammelaar
Richard Mark Rawlins (Trinidad & Tobago) – SUGAR
Kia Redman (Barbados) – Roots | Routes and Surround Sounds
Sucheng (China) – 一千零一夜 (At This Moment)
Zhao Xu (China) – Stranded Dreams


For more information, see https://freshmilkbarbados.com/2019/11/23/tve-2019-online-exhibition/

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