Film: “Isla de plástico”


The documentary film Isla de plástico [Plastic Island]—a production by José María Cabral and Nashla Bogaert—premiered in the Dominican Republic on October 31. The film offers an intimate look at the problem of waste management in the Dominican Republic, more specifically plastics. Here is an article from Diario Libre.

Made by Cacique Films, with strong images that illustrate how plastic and garbage increase, which is why they named this visual work Isla de plástico, after a tour of the Duquesa landfill and other areas.

“The experience has been very overwhelming. This is a country with a serious problem with garbage; but especially plastic, which is everywhere. We visited every corner of the island, both Dominican Republic and Haiti, to get to know about all the problems,” said director José María Cabral to Diario Libre.

“It is not the same thing to know about a situation than to see it; being there, and touching that reality was very hard,” Nashla confessed. In the case of José María, the most difficult thing was “to see the situation in which many of our national parks are. It hurt to see those protected areas where no one is supposed to be living, but where all this plastic arrives, which shows how bad off we are as a country.”

Nashla Bogaert and José María Cabral hope to raise awareness with this documentary.

[Translated by Ivette Romero. See original article (in Spanish) at]

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