New Book: “Chronicles of a Seawoman”


Sandra Sealy recently announced that her first book, Chronicles of a Seawoman: A Collection of Poems, will be out on November 19, 2019.

Maggie Harris (winner of the Guyana Prize for Literature and The Commonwealth Prize) writes, “Barbados is alive in Sandra Sealy’s poems—the Island, a woman of searing heat and passion, its vibrant portrayals of the body, the land and the sea. Sealy’s fervent voice breaks through on the page. Whether addressing her beloved mother, a lover, a cassava, or her island, each well-placed word and phrase is vivid with imagery, powerful with longing and love. This poetry collection at last bears fruit; we are ready for the harvest.”

According to the author, there is a pre-order discount for the e-book available NOW until November 18, 2019, for only $4.99. On November 19, the book will go live, with the paperback available for order soon after.

For more information, see

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