Art Exhibition: “Pequeño formato #8”


La Casa de los Contrafuertes [House of the Buttresses] contemporary cultural center invites the general public to the art exhibition entitled PEQUEÑO FORMATO # 8 [SMALL FORMAT # 8]. Participating artists are Elizam Escobar, Luis Maisonet, Luis Alonso, and Ivonne Prats (as guest artist).  The exhibition opens on November 21, and will run until December 5. La Casa de los Contrafuertes is located at 101 San Sebastián Street, Old San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Description: The exhibition presents a selection of small format works in painting, sculpture, drawing, and print. They include everyday objects, formal reflections, and scenes of empty-abandoned cities. This project started in 2008 when Elizam Escobar, Luis Alonso, and Luis Maisonet decided to create works in formats and prices accessible to all, in times of growing social and economic crisis.

The opening will include the musical participation of the Violines group, composed of Carlos Santiago (piano), Ricardo Dávila (violin), Antonio Asencio (double bass), and Yolanda Guerrios (viola). Violines will perform music from the Puerto Rican and international repertoire in the marvelous interior garden of La Casa.

In addition, all the exhibition spaces of La Casa de los Contrafuertes will remain open for the visitors’ full experience.

La Casa de los Contrafuertes is a center for contemporary culture conceived as a work of art, specifically located in a historic building in Old San Juan. It is a self-management project dedicated to promoting, combining and presenting collaborative, collective, and interdisciplinary works focused on the Caribbean. It is currently directed by artists Charles Juhász-Alvarado and Ana Rosa Rivera.

Regular schedule: Friday, Saturday and Sunday 12: 00-6: 00 p.m.

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