New Issue—Stand: The Ecopoetics Issue


This new issue of Stand—Issue 223, Volume 17, Number 3 (September – November 2019), edited by Trinidadian Scottish writer Vahni Capildeo—features cover art by Trinidadian poet Andre Bagoo. Some of the Caribbean voices included in this issue are Andre Bagoo (Trinidad), Loretta Collins Klobah (US/Puerto Rico), Ian Dieffenthaller (Trinidad/UK), and Jason Allen-Paisant (Jamaica/UK).

Here is an excerpt from Vahni Capildeo’s “Editorial.”

“The callout for the ecopoetics issue of Stand deliberately refrained from applying a definition of ecopoetics. My intention was to open the magazine to many approaches, creating a shared space resonant with what a range of engaged and imaginative writers themselves put forward as ecopoetic. Any definitions can arise from the reader’s close attention and responses to the work elicited. We asked for poetry, prose, and other forms in which global and local, innovative and informational, ethics and aesthetics, art and activism would not be binaries but spark points, with submissions from disabled, BAME and LGBTQ+ contributors especially welcome. The multifariousness of the contents makes this issue of Stand an ecosystem in itself: imperfect, unstable, beautiful, and breathing.”

For more information, you must subscribe to the journal at

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