New York Latin American Art Triennial 2019: Progressive Transition 


The New York Latin American Art Triennial 2019: Progressive Transition will run from October 23, 2019, to January 25, 2020, at Lehman College Art Gallery (located at 250 Bedford Park Boulevard West, New York, New York). The exhibition was curated by Luis Alers.

The artists are: Félix Berroa (Dominican Republic), Rosee Camafreita (Cuba/U.S.), Antonio Martorell Cardona (Puerto Rico), Williams Carmona (Cuba/Puerto Rico), Pablo Caviedes (Ecuador), Dionis Figueroa (Dominican Republic), Dolores Furtado (Argentina), Iliana Emilia García (Dominican Republic), Armando Guiller (Cuba), Ivelisse Jiménez (Puerto Rico), Nayda Collazo Llorens (Puerto Rico), Ana Rosa Marrero (Puerto Rico), Víctor Mora (Cuba), Arnaldo Morales (U.S.-Puerto Rico), María Antonia Ordóñez (Puerto Rico), Jorge Posada (Colombia), Adrián Viajero Román (Puerto Rican), Dhara Rivera (Puerto Rico), Martin Riwnyj (Argentina), Ezequiel Taveras (Dominican Republic), and Inés Tolentino (Dominican Republic).


Description: Progressive Transition explores the action and effect of moving from one state to another.  More broadly, the project shows the drive towards transformation in the arts. The artists’ need to “feel part of something” that can likewise be recognized and defined by others will be explored within the exhibition. The work on view represents the artistic transition seen against a landscape of societal progress. The project highlights cultural exchange and, at its core, examines the implications of transition on an evolving Latin American culture.


Also see video by Teo Freytes at

[Photos above: First, “Butoh rojo” by María Antonia Ordóñez; second, installation by Ana Rosa Rivera.]

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