New Book: “A to Z of Caribbean Art”


A to Z of Caribbean Art (Robert & Christopher Publishers, November 2019)—edited by Melanie Archer and Mariel Brown, and designed by Richard Mark Rawlins—is now available for pre-ordering.

The book includes essays by Gerald Alexis, Melanie Archer, Monique Barnett-Davidson, Dominique Brebion, Carlo A. Célius, Marta Fernandez Campa, Pat Ganase, Carlos Garrido Castellano, Ariana Green, Therese Hadchity, Katherine Kennedy, Indra Khanna, Geoffrey MacLean, Luz Merino, Patricia Mohammed, José Manuel Noceda, Keisha Oliver, Adam Patterson, Annie Paul, Marsha Pearce, Rob Perrée, Veerle Poupeye, Letitia Pratt, Judy Raymond, Myrtha Richards Marie-Joseph,  Nicole Smythe-Johnson, Mercedes Trelles Hernández, Natalie Urquhart, and Yolanda Wood.

Description: A to Z of Caribbean Art is a joyous celebration of the lives and works of many of the most outstanding, prolific, groundbreaking, critical, fascinating, and controversial artists of the Caribbean. Thanks to the abécédaire format of this book, a multiplicity of artists have ended up in lively dialogue here. We connect people separated by geography, language, and time: 120 years of movements, moments, schools, and sociopolitical contexts; countries as far apart as Bermuda in the north to Guyana in the south; and the French, Dutch, English, and Spanish Caribbean.

Each artist is represented by a page that shows a definitive work, biographical details, and a short write-up about their oeuvre. These artists were selected based on a number of factors, including critical discourse around their work, inclusion in a significant publication, work written about in regional or international trade magazine, and participation in a curated exhibition at a major institution, or at a regional or international biennial.

This title is ready for pre-order and will ship from December 1, 2019. For US purchases of A to Z of Caribbean Art, please visit Distributed Art Publishers.

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