Lecture: “Black Caribbean Migrant Women and the Literacies of Belonging”


Warren Harding (CFR and CERLAC visiting graduate student from Brown University) will deliver a lecture entitled “Bearing Witness, Holding Space: Black Caribbean Migrant Women and the Literacies of Belonging” on Tuesday, October 22, 2019, from 12:00 to 1:30pm, at York University in Toronto, Canada. This lecture will be chaired by CFR Director Dr. Enakshi Dua.

Hosted by the Centre for Feminist Research (CFR), Centre for Research on Latin America and the Caribbean (CERLAC), and Tubman Institute for Research on the Global Migrations of African Peoples.

Description: Warren Harding speaks to the ways in which late twentieth-century Black Caribbean migrant women use their creative expressions to develop spaces that interrogate meanings for belonging, both on and beyond the page. Caribbean women writers and cultural producers enact “bearing witness” and “holding space” as practices that radically transform literary, performative, cultural, and everyday practices of belonging. Interiority, relationality, imagination, materialization, and mobility are integral themes between these women’s gendered, raced, migrant, and Caribbean experiences.

Four questions guide this research: 1) How do Black Caribbean migrant women writers and cultural producers’ embodiments of “bearing witness” and “holding space” create a radical politics of belonging? 2) How do these embodiments expand what it means to belong in spite of heteropatriarchal, anti-Black, nativist, and colonial enactments on the world? 3) How can fieldwork enhance the study of Black women’s literary and cultural productions? 4) How do Black Caribbean migrant women’s experiences reshape the discourses of language and nation between the African and Caribbean diasporas?

[Many thanks to Peter Jordens for providing these sources: https://cfr.info.yorku.ca/event/cfr-presents-bearing-witness-holding-space-black-caribbean-migrant-women-and-the-literacies-of-belonging-talk-by-warren-harding and https://www.facebook.com/cerlac.]

For more information, contact Julia Pyryeskina at juliapyr@yorku.ca

[Image above: A still from a video by artist Deborah Jack (St. Martin). See her work at https://www.deborahjack.com/.]

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