“Refuge”: Open Call to artists of The Bahamas and Diaspora


“Refuge” is open call by the National Art Gallery of the Bahamas (NAGB) for works to artists and creatives of The Bahamas and its diaspora affected by Hurricane Dorian. The call is open to all disciplines of creative practice (art, storytelling, poetry, performance, and more). Special material support and consideration will be given to artists from Grand Bahama and Abaco. The deadline for submissions is November 11, 2019. The opening reception of “Refuge” will take place on Thursday, December 19, 2019.

Description (NAGB): Our commitment to actively nurturing and provoking a healthy cultural ecosystem is absolute. Therefore, the NAGB will continue to deliver programming that is creative, compelling and educational, while driving the newly launched We Gatchu: Sanctuary After the Storm and Donation Drive initiatives to support our community when it is most needed. We’ve also launched an Open Call for new creative works, which along with other exciting, engaging and community-minded events are highlighted in this issue of the newsletter.

We cannot go back to how things were. Our world, and our Bahamas, was changed forever. How we move forward, however, is another question entirely, and the place of the museum in a time of climate crisis is yet another still. As part of our mission to educate, uplift, and inspire people of The Bahamas, the NAGB has taken the current moment and context of the nation in mind, and suspended its scheduled end of year exhibition in favour of lifting up the voices of our artists to understand your experiences after Hurricane Dorian.

Apply here!

For more information, see https://nagb.org.bs/mixedmediablog/2019/9/26/open-call-for-works-for-refuge

[Artwork above: “Angelo’s Wings” by Jace McKinney.]

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