New Book: “Esperando la revolución…”


Esperando la revolución: Cuba, crónicas de un viaje inconcluso [Waiting for the Revolution, Cuba: The Unfinished Journey], by Chilean writer Gustavo Gac-Artigas, was published simultaneously last week in two different editions, in its original language, Spanish, and in its translation to English by Andrea G. Labinger. It is described as “a chronicle of a ten-day trip that offer a critical, revealing, fresh, and bold look at Cuba today.” See description below:

Description: A chronicle of ten days in Cuba, where dreams and reality face off sixty years after the triumph of the Revolution. A chronicle that offers us a critical, revealing, fresh, and bold look at Cuba today, interspersed with humor, lyricism, surprising images, and stinging reality. An encounter between the dreams of a young idealist who, at the end of the sixties in southern Chile, set off on a road trip whose final destination was Havana, the beacon of the Revolution, and the reality of the children and grandchildren of a land that was called the first free territory in Latin America.

Through various manifestations of a Latin America constantly at the boiling point, the author’s journey turned into a lengthy tour of world theaters, exile on French soil, and another period of wandering, this time along the roads of his beloved cordillera, finally arriving at his destination 51 years later, on June 20, 2019, to confront dreams and reality in ten days that shook his mind.

Here are links to the book in English and

And in Spanish: and

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