Art Exhibition: “Geometric Works of Latin American Artists”


MSA Xperimental recently announced the exhibition “Geometric Works of Latin American Artists” at the Atchugarry Art Center, located at 5520 NE 4th Avenue in Miami, Florida. The exhibition includes work by Cuban artists Loló Soldevilla and Zilia Sánchez and artists from Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, and Uruguay, among others.

Artists: Lolo Soldevilla (Cuba, 1901-1971), Gego (Germany, 1912-Venezuela 1994), Maria Freire (Uruguay, 1917-2015), watch schendel (Switzerland, 1919-Brazil, 1988), Regina Aprijaskis (France, 1919-Peru 2013), Lygia Clark (Brazil, 1920), Lygia Pape (Brazil, 1927-2004), Zilia Sanchez (Cuba, 1926), Mercedes Pardo (Venezuela, 1921-2005), Leah Bermúdez (Venezuela, 1930), fanny sanín (Colombia, 1938) and Lydia Okumura (Brazil, 1948).

Description: [The exhibition] proposes a singular dialogue and brings together for the first time in a space twelve Latin American Pioneer women with different visions and multiple investigations, expanding the limits of geometric abstraction The exhibition also honor the unique and often countercurrent path of these pioneers who, against all odds, re-established decade after decade their need to build their own language.

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