Richard Stoute Teen Talent Competition in Barbados


It is always inspiring to see how different countries provide opportunities for young people. Barbados is hosting the Richard Stoute Teen Talent Competition, founded in 1977 by Richard Stoute, one of the leading singers on the island, with a career in the entertainment industry for over fifty years. This year, 18-year-old Kenyah Joseph won first place in the latest preliminary. The preliminaries continue on September 1 at 7:00pm at the Barbados Museum and Historical Society.

A self- assured Kenyah Joseph showed her prowess in the latest preliminary of the Richard Stoute Teen Talent Competition, winning with 702 points. On Sunday night, the 18-year-old songstress was in fantastic form with her powerful vocals impressing the judges and the audience gathered at the Barbados Museum & Historical Society. Her soulful rendition of Adele’s “When We Were Young” placed her ahead of the pack at the end of the first half. She was able to cement first place with yet another stirring performance, convincingly delivering “Wind Beneath My Wings”.

Tykairi Sargeant secured second place, at just eight years old it is evident that he holds definite promise for the future. There are some elements of stage craft that cannot be taught and despite his youth there is just something special about Sargeant. He is a natural performer with a penchant for connecting with his audience and commanding their attention. In his second appearance, he opted to use a mic stand and though he mainly stood in that spot he still managed to be captivating. In the first half, he did “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” and was equally compelling in the second segment of the show with “Love Like This”.

There was a tie for third place between Kayla Alleyne and Crayshanda St. Hill on 536 points. Chief Judge Sheldon Hope noted that they both were very strong in their second half performances. Kereesa Chase breathed a sigh of relief when the judges gave the recommendation that she too would move forward. Her offerings were “Lioness on the Rise” and “I Can’t Make You Love Me”.

This competition continues to be a breeding ground for talent and Sharik Chase deserves a special mention. Not only did the student of the St. Michael School pen her own music but she also played the guitar on those compositions. Traditionally competitors opt to do covers so she must be lauded for the submission of her original pieces. [. . .]

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