Artist Talk: Angel Otero


Puerto Rican-born, New York-based artist Angel Otero will deliver an Artist Talk on his installation “Diario” today (Friday, August 23, 2019) at 6:00pm at the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art, located on 4420 Warwick Boulevard in Kansas City, Missouri. “Diario” will be on view from today until July 19, 2020.

Description: Puerto Rican-born, New York-based artist Angel Otero speaks about his newest commission: the 2019-2020 site-specific installation in the Kemper Museum atrium.

Angel Otero (b. 1981, Santurce, Puerto Rico; lives and works in Brooklyn, New York) is a visual artist best known for his process-based paintings. While much of his works have been influenced by memories based in photographs and other family memorabilia combined with the gestures of twentieth century painting, his latest works highlight the artist’s unique process as a form of narrative in itself.

Through his innovative process of oil paint scraping, Otero venerates historical oil painting while confronting it head on. Otero’s ‘deformation’ approach to painting his works––first across glass and then once dry, flaying the dried paint and reconstructing the composition anew across large canvasses––is representative of how the artist perceives the process of reconfiguring both personal and historical narratives. Instead of representing his life through art, Otero archives moments within it by creating opportunities of surprise and discovery. His work is a constant negotiation between the individual and art history.


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