Film: Esta es tu Cuba [This is Your Cuba]


A post by Peter Jordens:

According to https://www.lashortsfest.comEsta es tu Cuba [This is Your Cuba] was the winner of the Best of the Fest Award at the 23rd LA Shorts International Film Festival (July 17-25, 2019).

Esta es tu Cuba (This Is Your Cuba)
Genre: Short, drama, history
Director: Brian Robau
Duration: 21 minutes

Synopsis: Inspired by the real-life stories of the children involved in Operation Pedro Pan, the mass exodus of over 14,000 unaccompanied minors from Cuba to America. Esta es tu Cuba takes place in 1960’s Cuba, Castro has just come into power, and the country is beginning to change. Communism is taking hold and divides the community; you’re either pro-revolution or a dissident. Esta es tu Cuba follows Anton, a young boy who is thrust into adulthood as revolution tears his family apart.

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