13th INDEX 19 – Miami /Santo Domingo


The 13th edition of INDEX 19 – Miami /Santo Domingo arrives in the historic city of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, from August 14 to 17, 2019. On August 14, events will take place at the Centro Cultural de España [Cultural Center of Spain], 2 Arzobispo Meriño Street (at the corner of Archbishop Portes). From August 16 to 17, events will take place at La Espiral, on 313 Mercedes Street, Colonial Zone.

Description (excerpts translated from press release): The main axes of this project are the exacerbation of the word and the creation of bodily actions, music as noise, videos as they seek new ways of seeing the world, and conversation between artists and curators on topics relevant to today’s art.

Charo Oquet, director and founder of the event, says, “We hope that the presentations by our artists provide an important artistic experience for the community in general.” Oquet adds that in this festival you can see the use of poetry, video, and all kinds of tools “not only by local artists but also by artists from Miami and Puerto Rico who will come [to the Dominican Republic] to present their work.”

[. . .] “These artists adopt a trans-disciplinary, transgressive process and a bold and unexpected approach to issues of sex, feminism, queerness, gender, and politics of the new millennium.”

Participating artists of Index 2019:

Edge Zones selection: Performance: Ana Rafé | Johan Mijail Castillo | Renato

Encarnación Male Mode (MIA) | Simon De Los Santos And Sofia Fiallo | Elvin Díaz |

Charo Oquet (MIA / RD) | April Troncoso | Noise: Gregorio Álvarez | Shanti Lalita

(PR / RD) | Street Rat (MIA) | Poetry: Isis Aquino | Frank Báez | Glaem Parls | Cibeles

Sanchez | Edwin Solano | Alexéi Tellerias, Marisol Pe Y Moho (3 | Gaudy Merci |

Videos: | Adele Myers (MIA) | Sandra L. Portal-Andreu (MIA) | Alette Simmons-

Jimenez (MIA) | Charo Oquet (MIA / RD) | Lechedevirgen Trimegisto (MEX) | Pioneer Winter (MIA).


El Cuarto Elástico selection: Noise: | Kito Rabino | Sacamostro

| Alina Labour | Shinji Telepático | Adriel | Performance: | Mami | La Banda de lo

Freno | Videos: Mar Citlali (LA/MEX) | Manosiniestra (RD) | Modern Art Services

(MAS) (RD) | Neo.Cristo (CH) | Gabriela Torres Ferrer (PR)


Debut Emblemas selection: Noise: Fernando Orellana y Freddy Guerrero | Poetry:  Miguel de

Vallester   | Videos: Ottmar Suero | Jeremy Garcia | Diego Cepeda


{Excerpts translated by Ivette Romero. Photo: Charo Oquet. Courtesy of the artist.]

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