Jennylynd James: “Where Are My Car Keys?” and “Is That My Granny?”


Where Are My Car Keys?: A Mother’s Journey with Alzheimer’s Disease (Fall 2018) is a recent book by Trinidad-born Jennylynd James. Where Are My Car Keys? focuses on the author’s experiences with her mother who finally succumbed to the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease in January 2018. The memoir follows various stages of her mother’s journey with Alzheimer’s and relates how the family coped through the years. The children’s book Is That My Granny? ((Fall 2018), illustrated by James, addresses the symptoms of Alzheimer’s from a child’s perspective. The author “wants her stories of resilience and thriving to empower and motivate readers.” Some of her other titles are the memoirs Escape from Éire (Escapes and Escapades), Goodbye Frying Pan, Hello Fire: A Memoir of Wit and Determination, Dérivé: A Trini Expat Comes Home, and Red Car Long Legs: Adventures in California and Beyond.

Jennylynd James was born and raised in Trinidad and Tobago. She studied Food Science at McGill University, Canada where she earned a Ph.D. then worked in this field for over 15 years. Her work in the food industry took her many places including Florida, California, the Republic of Ireland, and Canada. In Ireland, Jennylynd developed a range of Caribbean style sauces and seasonings. She ran this business for five years with ‘artistic flair’. While in Ireland, she discovered a hidden talent for painting and fine art. When the Irish economy crashed on the heels of a worldwide recession, she decided to fold up the business and move to Toronto, Canada. Her tumultuous experiences while relocating and living in one country and the next have motivated her to write a series of memoirs. [. . .]

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