Forget It; What’s The Point? Letting Go and Claiming Joy


Marguerite Orane’s Forget It; What’s The Point? Letting Go and Claiming Joy is a refreshing self-help and motivational book published in August 2018. As the description below highlights, Orane, who was born and raised in Jamaica and is now based in Toronto, “zeroes in on [. . .] stories of acceptance and release.”

Description: What does a joyful life look like? A mother passes, and it’s beautiful; family heirloom earrings get lost, and it’s OK; a father gives his boss (his daughter), hell, and she heals; a woman struggles all her life with her hair and emerges in glory; a body sags, and the woman asks why; dirty dishes in the sink for two days, and the mother laughs; the tug of a move from Jamaica to Canada, and questions about the meaning of home; a beloved dog looks back at her life, as her owner ponders what in the world is she thinking. These stories, and more, paint a picture of the life of joy that Marguerite Orane embraces.

Fans of “Free and Laughing: Spiritual Insights in Everyday Moments”, her first book, know that she pulls no punches in laying bare her soul. She continues this in “Forget It! What’s the Point?” taking us on a romp through 21 of her life experiences, that relate how she has faced and let go of adversities, big and small, and claimed joy. In her first book, Marguerite outlined six “Free and Laughing” principles: Be Present, Observe, Accept, Release, Trust and Love. “Forget It! What’s the Point?” zeroes in on her stories of acceptance and release, perhaps the most difficult for most of us. It’s not easy to let go of our memories of experiences, but let go we must, if we want to be free.

Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Mpilo Tutu writes in his Foreword: “I am humbled to see the impact I have had on this one life, and to see her continue the work of healing the world by sharing her own healing, thus helping others to forgive and find lasting happiness and joy.” This book will help you discover and claim your joy – not by telling you what to do, but by showing how one person has done it. “What’s the point?” The answer to this simple question is different for each person as we are all unique—there’s only one YOU. You will laugh, cry, pause, think and gain your own insights on how you can let go and be joyful.

Biography: Author, blogger, speaker, coach and facilitator, Marguerite Orane believes everyone in the world has an inner capacity for joy. Her goal is to help them discover it. Marguerite is the Founder and CEO of Free and Laughing Inc., a business dedicated to changing the way we live and work, so that we do so with joy. She coaches and facilitates CEOs and their leadership teams in realising the value that joy and happiness at work bring. Her experience as an entrepreneur, a Harvard MBA and her curiosity about the mysteries of the world, as well as her life repertoire of adventures in consulting, leadership, travel, parenting, marathon running, yoga, dance and drama have been the foundation of this work.

Marguerite is the author of “Free and Laughing: Spiritual Insights in Every Day Moments” in which she presented six principles – Be Present, Observe, Release, Accept, Trust and Love. In “Forget It. What’s the Point” she delves deeper into the practice, by sharing her stories of releasing, accepting “stuff” and claiming joy. [She] considers herself blessed to have been born and spent most of her life in Jamaica, and to now exercise the freedom to choose to live in Toronto, Canada.

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