Morovis promotes industry by planting 25,000 new coffee trees


PRTQ [Puerto Rico Te Quiero] writes about efforts to promote the coffee industry in the Morovis community in Puerto Rico.

When they say Morovis, people think of cold, mountains, coffee, and agriculture. Contrary to the typical image of an agricultural landscape, the municipality suffers the same abandonment of agriculture as in other municipalities. Given this panorama, the municipal government has started a project named “Hecho en Morovis” [Made in Morovis], which aims to promote the cultivation and marketing of agricultural products among the various micro entrepreneurs in the area.

“Today we welcomed officers from the Puerto Rico Coffee Producers Association (PROCAFÉ) to start the work of promoting the cultivation of coffee in our abundantly fertile lands,” said Mayor Carmen Maldonado González.

“Hecho en Morovis” is supported by the non-profit organization ComPRometidos, dedicated to innovation and generation of ideas for the future of the communities. “We are very enthusiastic about this project, which is part of the initiatives of the brand that we are working on in the town. Almost two years after the passage of Hurricanes Irma and María, Puerto Rican agriculture is striving and producing in quantity and quality,” said the Mayor.

The project managed to obtain support from several sectors, including technical advice from agronomist José Javier Marrero of the Morovis Office of the Agricultural Extension Service of the University of Puerto Rico. Marrero classifies the project as a miracle. “One of the challenges we had was the proposed closure of this office, because of the cuts,” making clear reference to the cuts proposed by the Fiscal Control Board to the University of Puerto Rico.

These cuts not only affect the functioning of the university community, but also limit the services received from the Agricultural Extension centers by hundreds of citizens. “Education in the agricultural field is a necessity, especially for young people and we hope that it will continue to be so,” concluded Marrero.

Translated by Ivette Romero. See original article (in Spanish) at

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