Breadfruit and its potential for development


In Guadeloupe, an organization called Nouvèlvwa has pointed out the great potential of breadfruit [fruit à pain or arbre à pain] for development perspectives in the context of food self-sufficiency. As Nouvèlvwa stresses, it is a vegetable appreciated for its high nutritional value, which can be eaten regularly without side effects or any harm to one’s health. This weekend, Nouvèlvwa has been celebrating the 5th edition of the Fête du fruit à pain [Breadfruit Festival]. France-Antilles reports:

Nouvèlvwa is organizing, this Friday and Saturday, the 5th edition of the Breadfruit Festival. The association believes that this local product is a vector of economic development and invites people to think about it.

With 17 years of existence, Nouvèlvwa is approaching maturity. For the past 5 years, the association, chaired by Luc Jean-Marie, has organized the breadfruit festival (now in its 5th edition) at the media library, Friday and Saturday. When it was founded in 2002, a group of people from Lamentin reflected and noticed that, at the associative level, citizens had to take their part in the life of the city alongside politicians and economic agents. The purpose of the association is to train and educate fellow citizens. After choosing fields of action such as family or environment, the association decided to defend the local products and chose breadfruit.

Since the organization of the first edition in 2015, Nouvèlvwa has come a long way. “We are taking a number of steps,” explains Luc Jean-Marie. At first, we tried to get to know the tree and its fruit, as well as its history. Then we went on to establishing what we can do with the tree and the fruit. Afterwards, we tried to see what our neighbors in the Caribbean have been doing. Do they eat it like us? We wondered about the possibility of a lyannaj [link] between Guadeloupe and neighboring countries. For this 5th edition, we affirm that the breadfruit can be a vector of economic development. We are striving to make this clear.”

Food autonomy in perspective

To go in this direction, last week, the association organized a seminar in collaboration with INRA. Since breadfruit is a vector of economic development, what needs to be done to raise awareness of this potential? With INRA, the association thought about a theme. Discussions revolved around this theme: “towards the food self-sufficiency of Guadeloupe, potentialities and development perspective for green cultivation.” The institute took the opportunity to review its 70 years of existence, including the impact of these 70 years of work on the prospect of food self-sufficiency. Nouvèlvwa intends to use this seminar to continue reflection on the topic. “We will see which elements we can retain in order to move towards a real economic development opportunity for breadfruit,” says Luc Jean-Marie. [. . .]

Excerpts translated by Ivette Romero. For more information (in French), see

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