Fournier Wins Bronze Medal at 2nd World Rowing Cup


Prensa Latina reports that Cuban rower Ángel Fournier won a bronze medal at the 2nd World Rowing Cup, which took place this past weekend in Poland.

Angel Fournier, from Cuba, on Sunday won the bronze medal in the single weight open modality at the 2nd World Rowing Cup, which ended today [Sunday, June 23, 2019] in the Polish city of Poznan. The 31-year-old Cuban won the bronze medal after clocking 7:24.790 minutes, behind Sverri Nielsen, from the Netherlands, who clocked 7:21.960 minutes, and Pilip Pavukou, from Belarus, who stopped the clock at 7:24.100 minutes.

According to the website of the event, the world multi-medal rower paddled the first 1,000 meters in the fifth position on the water track of Lake Malta, while already in the third segment, at 1,500 meters route, he speeded up until reaching the third place, where the competition ended.

The 2nd edition of the World Rowing Cup began last Friday and ended on Sunday after the completion of 18 finals.

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