Jeanette Betancourt’s “Tiempo líquido”


Jeanette Betancourt’s exhibition “Tiempo líquido” [Liquid Time] opened on June 18 and will be on view until August 3 at Condel Rul Museum [Museo Condel Rul], which is located on Benito Juárez Avenue, in Guanajuato, Mexico. See more information from Boletines.Guanajuato:

As part of the artistic proposal presented by the Museum Network of the State Institute of Culture at the Conde Rul Museum, the exhibition “Tiempo líquido” by artist Jeannette Betancourt [. . .] gathers a selection of multidisciplinary works made between 2013 and 2019. It has been organized around four subtopics: the subverted nature and the inflection point of the planet, land as resource and territory, the regime of the economy and the liquid world, and nature as poetic.

The curatorial text written by art critic Ingrid Suckaer mentions that “humanity has evolved assisted by knowledge and technology. This has allowed it to modify the natural state of ecosystems, generating new forms of nature, their representation and use. Human intelligence has reached such a degree of evolution that our species has reconfigured its societies, beliefs, values ​​and behaviors.”

“The twentieth century,” continues Suckaer, “was characterized by an expansive vision, anchored in the notion of progress and the culture of consumption, generating what is known as the Great Acceleration: a phenomenon that is located around 1950 and that advanced the exploitation and use of the planet’s natural resources exponentially.

This long-term unsustainable scheme caused us to enter the 21st century with an exhausted world whose own viability is at risk of collapsing. The sixth great mass extinction has begun and the human species is responsible.

At the center of this reflection is capitalism, whose responsibility in this great disaster appears diluted behind the innocuous image of multinational consortiums. The viewers can make their own judgment about the subtopics the artist explores.

Brief biography of Jeannette Betancourt from MAPR: Sculptor and creator of installations, interventions, and works in alternative media. Puerto Rican born in Brooklyn and nationalized Mexican. Studied Advertising, Journalism and Public Relations at the University of the Sacred Heart in San Juan, Puerto Rico, where she earned an Associate’s Degree in Communication Sciences in 1989. Self-taught, as of 1995 has dedicated herself to sculpture full-time. Since 1997 has trained through diverse applied workshops of sculpture production and continually conducts research on new media. Develops her works based on imminent situations around nature. Has public works in Mexico and Puerto Rico.

For more information, see and

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