17th Ernest Hemingway International Colloquium


The 17th Ernest Hemingway International Colloquium will take place from June 20 to 23, 2019, at Finca Vigía, Cuba. The colloquium will commemorate the 93rd anniversary of Hemingway’s first publication entitled Fiesta and the 90th anniversary of Farewell to Arms. Here are excerpts from “Hemingway’s Life and Work Brings Writers from Six Countries to Cuba” by PL for Periódico 26. [Many thanks to Michael Connors for bringing this item to our attention.]

[. . .] Dedicated to promoting the exchange of information and comparing the results of recent research, the academic section of the meeting will include the presentation of 30 papers by scholars from Japan, Spain, Argentina, the United States, Israel and Cuba.

Other proposals include the screening of the documentary Hemingway: Between Key West and Cuba, directed by Richard Abella, as well as the inauguration of Jorge Duporte’s exhibition “The Ark of Hemingway.”

As a way of bringing participants closer to the life of the American writer in Cuba, the collateral program of the colloquium includes visits to the monument dedicated to Hemingway in the town of Cojimar, Sloppy Joe’s Bar, Floridita, the International Yacht Club of Cuba, and Finca Vigía.

The occasion will also allow us to pay tribute to Alberto Ramos Enrique, who worked since he was seven years old on the farm together with the journalist and was one of the closest people to Hemingway on the island.

The event will close with a panel where researcher Sandra Spainer will offer the latest details on the production of Hemingway’s most recent anthology of letters, said the deputy director of the Ernest Hemingway Museum, Isbel Ferreiro Garit.

For full article, see http://www.periodico26.cu/index.php/en/culture/item/16409-hemingway-s-life-and-work-brings-wwriters-from-six-countries-to-cuba

Also see https://www.hemingwaysociety.org/florida-hemingway-society and http://www.radioenciclopedia.cu/cultural-news/exclusive/hemingway-s-life-and-work-brings-writers-from-six-countries-to-cuba-20190613/

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