Protoje’s Inside. Grammy Nominee Reverts to the ‘Rounds’ as He Delivers New Music, Talks Social Media and more.


A report from spoke in depth with Protoje on several topics of interest, including his hope for his one year old baby girl. Be sure to follow them on Instagram and stay tuned for their IG TV feature with the artist, coming soon.

It’s the kind of song everyone needs to hear. For an artiste like Protoje, dubbed one of the architects of reggae’s revival movement, it’s really nothing new. He’s been preaching positive from the very beginning. This time around, the artiste, who was nominated for the 2018 Best Reggae Album Grammy award with, ‘A Matter of Time’, teamed up with Jamaica’s Agent Sasco and Lila Ike for what turned out to be something pretty special.

Last week, he touched down in Trinidad. He’s been making the media rounds, highlighting the new track, ‘Not Another Word’ – a song that’s come complete with the right visuals to engage. He’s no newcomer, he understands the power of visibility, the respect of social media marketing and the essence of immediate connection, but truth be told, Protoje sure wishes life were simpler.

We sat for a quick chat with the reggae artiste in St. Clair, Trinidad on Monday. He’d made a few media rounds and was eager to hit the beach during his quick stop. “I wish I could get to the beach more,” he admitted, telling us that at home in Jamaica he doesn’t get to the beach as often as he’d like. He also said he’d been making an effort to reevaluate how much time he spent on social media. “I’ve been looking at how much time I’m spending online,” he said, assessing the issue of ‘less human interaction’ in today’s world. He’s not a huge fan of social media but admits to its effectiveness when it comes to marketing music globally.

Born Oje Ken Ollivierre, Protoje’s father is actually a St. Vincent born calypsonian. It’s never been the genre of choice for him though. He says he appreciates the story telling in the music and when it comes to Soca, he hopes to visit for Trinidad and Tobago’s carnival next year and has even spoken with Bunji Garlin about possible collaborations in the future. “Will you play mas?” we asked. He said, “oh no… maybe I’ll just go on top the truck, yuh know,” he replied coyly.

Undoubtedly a cool, collective and naturally humble person, the artiste who teamed up with fellow reggae artist, Chronnix for the hit single, ‘Who Knows’, says he’s been turned on to the sound of the young female artiste he collaborated with on this latest single. He said Lila Ike has a unique sound that he’s really looking out to hear more of on the circuit as time progresses. He’s also a fan of Chronixx and of course, the new age reggae sensation, Koffee.

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