U.S. Premiere of Mariel Brown’s “Unfinished Sentences”


Mariel Brown’s award-winning documentary feature Unfinished Sentences will have its U.S. premiere on June 1, 2019 at 4:45pm at the Roxie Theatre, during the 18th Annual San Francisco Documentary Festival. A few days later, the film we be screened on the east coast, at the DC Caribbean FilmFest. Unfinished Sentences is “an intimate exploration of the, often, tumultuous relationship between filmmaker Mariel Brown and her late father, Trinidadian columnist and poet Wayne Brown.”

Unfinished Sentences has received many accolades since its release in 2018. Most recently, the film was awarded for ‘Best Editing’ in the International Documentary Competition at the FICSUR International Film Festival in Tierra del Fuego, Argentina. It also won top prizes at both the Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival and the Caribbean Tales International Film Festival held in Toronto, Canada, receiving the ‘Best Trinidad and Tobago Feature Film’ and ‘Best Feature Length Film’ awards respectively.

Variety’s Anna Maria de la Fuente writes, “Grief is a strange beast. When “Unfinished Sentences” helmer Mariel Brown’s father died in 2009, she was afflicted with a psychosomatic hearing problem and plunged into a deep depression. A celebrated Caribbean writer-poet, her father Wayne Brown succumbed to lung cancer not long after he was diagnosed.”

In writing on the film in Caribbean Beat Magazine, Georgia Popplewell notes, “Whether a film is “little” or “big” depends less on the subject than on the depth and quality of the themes it explores. Unfinished Sentences is about a literary figure who deserved to be better known. It’s about how human beings are shaped by place and circumstance and race and history.”

Reserve tickets here.

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