New Book: “Trouwportretten. Surinaamse voorouders in beeld”


The new book Trouwportretten. Surinaamse voorouders in beeld, Album 1846-1950 [Wedding Portraits. Surinamese ancestors in photographs, Album 1846-1950] follows the successful, eponymous traveling exhibition that has been shown in various libraries and institutions since fall 2018 [see previous post Wedding Portraits: Surinamese Ancestors in Photographs, 1868-1950/.] Edited by Lucia Nankoe, Gerard Sweep, and Jean Jacques Vrij, and published this month (May 2019), the project was conceived originally by Nankoe, Surinamese writer and literary critic.

VoorplatNankoe75-300x204Description: Based on nearly one hundred wedding photos and dozens of stories, this book offers an idea of the marriage-related lives of Surinamese people between 1845 and 1950. The images focus on Surinamese families not only in their own country, but also beyond Suriname, because their footsteps fanned across the world early and they sometimes found their partner elsewhere, in Aruba, Curaçao, or Bonaire, in the Netherlands, or in North America.

Although most marriages took place within their own religious, ethnic and social circles, these boundaries also were often crossed. Several stories in this book show that this process never went without a hitch. The lovers, however, followed the path of their hearts and often the family and community rekindled their ties to them over time.

Leafing through this album, you will see how eighty couples had themselves portrayed at the important moment of their marriage. In the stories, sometimes in the words of family members, sometimes compiled by the editors, you get to know them better—but, not only them, but also Surinamese society as a whole in important phases of its history.

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