Researching family roots in the Caribbean? This book might help


A report by Kenneth H. Thomas Jr., for the AJC.

David Dobson, the noted Scottish genealogist, is known for his numerous books on Scotland and Scottish-born settlers of the American Colonies. But now there’s a reprint of his 2010 volume “The People of the Windward Islands, Trinidad and Tobago, and Curacao, 1620-1860.” The book is an alphabetical listing of settlers, usually with short, two-line biographical data. Some have much longer sketches. He covers just those islands. In his addendum, he lists some major sources and then the reference codes for the data used in the sketches. In the introduction, he points out that the people of those islands had varied backgrounds. Some were economic migrants, some were prisoners of war. Others escaped persecution. It is certainly worth a look if you have ancestors from that region. Published by the Clearfield Company of the Genealogical Publishing Company, it’s available from, or by calling 800-296-6687, for $25 plus postage. The company has thousands of genealogy titles including Dobson’s similar volume on the Leeward Islands.

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