Tilting Axis 5—“Beyond Trends: Decolonisation and Art Criticism”


Hosted by Mémorial ACTe, Guadeloupe, Tilting Axis 5 presents “Beyond Trends: Decolonisation and Art Criticism,” which takes place from May 20 to 31, 2019. The keynote speaker will be film director and scholar Manthia Diawara.

Beyond Trends: Decolonisation and Art Criticism will explore the theme of decolonisation—thinking beyond its currently popular usage as cultural and institutional critique. Unlike its application to specific sites and processes, has decolonisation been a constant and ubiquitous practice in the Caribbean? This gathering will re-consider the currency of these discourses, identifying site-specificity within the Caribbean. For example, what does it mean for art institutions to negotiate decolonisation after postcoloniality? What different approaches can be deployed in decolonising discourses—specifically in relation to art criticism—and made more visible in spaces where their prevalence renders them invisible?

Examining the roles of artists, curators, educators, arts managers, scholars, art writers and critics, and policy writers, etc., we will consider how to strategically involve discourses on decolonisation that are useful for the Caribbean’s cultural sector.

Tilting Axis delegates are required to pay a registration fee of USD$75. Registration fee is waived for local delegates.

See full program at https://tiltingaxis.org/tilting-axis-5?

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