Art Exhibition: “Caribe Geopolitical Bliss”

melissa y rene2

[Many thanks to Peter Jordens for bringing this item to our attention.] Melissa Raymond and René Sandín launched “Caribe Geopolitical Bliss” at Diagonal, an alternative space located at 1600 Fernández Juncos Avenue, Santurce, Puerto Rico. The exhibition—described as “a luminous and therapeutic look at something as physical and concrete as the painting of the real estate of a government”—opened on May 10 and is on view until May 25, 2019.

“Caribe Geopolitical Bliss,” free and open to the public, was made possible by Nuestro Barrio, which presented the Nuestro Barrio Cultural Program between May 5 and 18. The cultural organization will also host the Nuestro Barrio Fest, which takes place on Sunday, May 19, starting at 11:00am at Plaza Barceló in Barrio Obrero.

Puerto Rico Art News writes about Melissa Raymond and René Sandín and “Caribe Geopolitical Bliss”:

The new works made for the exhibition are derived from their research of the colors that adorn elements of the infrastructure of the government and the country, Puerto Rico.

Melissa Raymond (Montreal, 1980) and René Sandín (San Juan, 1980) have been collaborating as artists since 2009. Their work has always emerged from their shared experiences. Initially, his work addressed issues about the relationship and intimate life, reflecting the migration processes through which they have lived.

In recent years, their collaborative work has focused on the incessant practice of tourism in Puerto Rico, through which they reveal what they consider to be a government painting practice, documenting and appropriating the colors of the paint and aesthetic components used by government branches to decorate the country’s infrastructure. They currently live in Montreal, Quebec.

For more information, you may call (787) 948-0068 or visit

For more information, see the following links:

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