The best underwater photos of the year. . .


The full title of this article by Aylin Woodward (Business Insider) is “The best underwater photos of the year reveal shipwrecks, sharks, and terrifying deep-sea creatures.” Woodward writes that “amid the depressing news about warming oceans and impending extinctions, images of vulnerable and amazing species can serve as a reminder of what environmental activists are fighting to save.” She offers a selection of images from the pool of winners and runner-ups of the photo contest. The article includes photography from the waters of or near Cuba (2), the Cayman Islands (3), the Netherlands Antilles, and The Bahamas. [Many thanks to Peter Jordens for suggesting this article.] Here are excerpts and a few of the featured photos. recently announced the winners of its annual photo contest for the 2018-2019 year. The contest is one of the longest-running and most prestigious online photo competitions — every year, hundreds of photographers from around the world submit thousands of photographs in a range of categories, from “Close-ups” to “Wrecks.” Images are judged by a group that includes industry professionals, previous competition winners, and moderators.

The photo shown above: Alejandro Topete won a bronze medal in the contest’s “Sharks” category for this photo of a reef shark swimming near Cuba. [. . .]

Suzan Meldonian got up close and personal with an American crocodile in Cuba.


Photographer Henley Spiers took home the top two prizes in the “Natural Light” category. This image of a southern stingray swimming in the Cayman Islands won gold.


John Roach captured a close-up image of a Yellowhead Jawfish in the Caribbean waters of the Netherlands Antilles.


The silver medal for shark photography went to Debbie Wallace, who took this picture of a female great Atlantic hammerhead shark from below in the Bahamas.


[All photos, courtesy of]

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