The Caribbean Cycling Championship 2019 will take place in Haiti


A report from Haiti Libre.
While earlier this week the international cycling authorities threatened to withdraw from the Haitian Cycling Federation (FHC) the organization of the Caribbean Cycling Championship in Haiti, Edwing Charles, the Minister of Youth and Sports, left the country on May 2, 2019 heading a delegation to travel to Hidalgo, Mexico to participate in the Annual Congress of the Panamerican Cycling Confederation (COPACI) from May 3 to 5, 2019, and to reassure the International Cycling Union (UCI) and COPACI on the possibility of holding the Caribbean Cycling Championship 2019 in Port-au-Prince.

On Friday, Edwing Charles announced that following a meeting of several hours, accompanied by the President and members of the FHC, they had convinced the leaders of the international cycling to keep the location of the Caribbean Cycling Championship in Haiti next October. Minister Charles gave all the guarantees and assured the leaders of the UCI and COPACI, that the Haitian Government and the FHC will honor their commitments regarding the organization of this Championship in October 2019.

Minister Charles remains convinced that the holding of this international competition was an opportunity to seize to project a positive image of Haiti abroad and offer additional visibility to Haitian sport in general and cycling in particular.

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