Art Exhibition: “Women’s Health”


In “Vrouwelijke kracht” [Female Power], Jennifer Smit describes the exhibition “Women’s Health,” with artists Iris Perez-Romero and Kim Sontosoemarto. In the context of the Caribbean Conference on Women’s Health, the exhibition is on view until April 27 at Gallery Alma Blou, Curaçao.

At Gallery Alma Blou, Curaçao, artists Iris Perez-Romero and Kim Sontosoemarto are currently exhibiting together. The exhibition is entitled ‘Women’s Health’ and the opening took place last Saturday evening [6 April 2019]. The exhibition is affiliated with the Caribbean Conference on Women’s Health, which was held on the island from 5 to 7 April. Two cardiologists participating in the conference, Angela Maas and Cesar Herrera both emphasized in the opening words the importance of, not only the physical health of women, but also psychological and spiritual health.

These different aspects are closely linked and both artists represent this theme in a powerful way. [. . .]

Surinamese artist Kim Sontosoemarto is of Javanese origin and has previously exhibited at Gallery Alma Blou. This is the third time she has shown her ceramic work. Performed in the age-old Raku technique, her Saramaka women are small, slender female figures who are proud and confident of themselves. They have resisted their fortunes and have been portrayed as victors. The women wear long robes and have a confident look.

Iris Perez-Romero was born in the Dominican Republic. As an artist, she has earned her spurs not only in her native island, but also in Europe, South America, and Asia. Her paintings are strong statements about the essence of being a woman. The works are extremely direct and confront the viewer with a penetrating representation of the woman, who is often depicted without arms. Her strongest painting is without a doubt ‘De la serie conexión vital’. This work is featured on the conference program booklet. It shows three women who have made their way through swirling flowers with long stems that appear to have thorns and emerge from a long red strip. The drama speaks volumes. [. . ]

[Image above: A Raku fired piece called “Consolation” from the series “In The Corner” by Kim Sontosoemarto, which was donated to Innerwheel Curaçao.]

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