New Book: Pedro Cabiya’s “Tercer mundo”


Pedro Cabiya’s new novel Tercer mundo [Third World] was recently launched at Librería Laberinto in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Description: Orishas, saints, loas, demons, and angels frolic in a fantastic Puerto Rico that only the fertile imagination of Pedro Cabiya could have conceived. Different ministries of the administrative bureaucracy of the multiverse compete to recover the valuable merchandise of an abandoned sidereal contraband in Santurce, capital of the Borikwá Republic … But taking that loot will not be as easy as they think. Political satire and cosmic parody are combined in a web of espionage and action where the weighty questions of existence share space with the most profane humor, producing a novel that resists classification in all known genres, announcing a new one. Prequel to his immensely popular novel Trance, Tercer mundo promises, like its predecessor, a reading that is impossible to interrupt.

Pedro Cabiya (Puerto Rico, 1971) is a novelist, poet, and scriptwriter. Cabiya holds a master’s degree in mediaeval literature from the University of Michigan and a PhD in Latin American literature from Stanford University. He has lived in Spain, Haiti, United States and Puerto Rico. He currently lives in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, where he directs the Centre of Modern Languages and Cultures of the Ibero-American University and the production company Heart of Gold Productions. His novels and short stories set him out as one of the most original voices in new Puerto Rican prose. His most notable books include Trance, La cabeza, Historias tremendas, Historias atroces, and Malas hierbas, winner of the latest Foreword INDIES Best Science Fiction / Fantasy Book Award in 2016, and published in English by Mandel-Vilar Press. His novel Reinbou was taken to the big screen. He has also made his mark in the graphic novel genre with his works Ánima Sola, Juanita Morel, Obelenkó, and Justin Time.

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