Talk about Puerto Rico: 500 Years of Jewish History/An Oral History


A two-part talk on Puerto Rico will take place at the Holyoke Public Library on Tuesday, April 9, 2019, at 600pm: “500 Years in the Jewish Caribbean” by Harry A. Ezratty [independent history scholar and author of 500 Years in the Jewish Caribbean (1997)] and “Puerto Rico: An Oral History” by Barbara Tasch Ezratty [editor/publisher, former journalist and author of Puerto Rico: An Oral History (2010)]. The Holyoke Public Library is located at 250 Chestnut Street, Holyoke Massachusetts. [Many thanks to Peter Jordens for bringing this item to our attention.]

Lic. Harry A. Ezratty used his passion for history to write The New World Trilogy: “500 Years in the Jewish Caribbean,” “They Led the Way: The Creators of Jewish America,” and “The Builders: Jews and the Growth of America.” His retirement is filled with teaching Jewish history at the Community College of Baltimore County and lecturing at universities, synagogues, and other venues, when he’s not working on his newest book.

Editor/publisher Barbara Tasch Ezratty started working on “Puerto Rico: An Oral History 1898-2008” because she wanted to learn ‘Why?’ ‘How?’ and ‘When?’ from original sources. Her novel covering American history is a work-in-progress that offers explanations for the same questions.

This program is sponsored by Holyoke Media.

Reservations are recommended. For more information or to register for this program, call the library at (413) 200-9733.

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