New Book: “Glissant and the Middle Passage”


Glissant and the Middle Passage: Philosophy, Beginning, Abyss by John Drabinski (Amherst College) will be published by the University of Minnesota Press in June 2019.

Hanétha Vété-Congolo (Bowdoin College) writes: Glissant and the Middle Passage is an ingeniously cast light on Glissant’s remarkable philosophical proposition to the world from the Caribbean geography of reason.”

Description: A reevaluation of Édouard Glissant that centers on the catastrophe of the Middle Passage and creates deep, original theories of trauma and Caribbeanness.

Glissant and the Middle Passage establishes Édouard Glissant’s proper place as a key theorist of ruin, catastrophe, abyss, and memory. Identifying his insistence on memories and histories tied to place as the crucial geography at the heart of his work, this book imparts an innovative new response to the specific historical experiences of the Middle Passage.

For more information, see…/glissant-and-the-middle-passage

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