MACPR Screenings: Documentaries on Antonio Martorell


In the context of the current exhibition by Antonio Martorell, “Retorno al hogar (Labrando),” the Puerto Rico Museum of Contemporary Art [Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Puerto Rico (MACPR)] presents “Testimonio fílmico del artista”—a screening and discussion of two documentary films on the artist. The films are Fogueo (2010) by Miguel Villafañe and El álbum de familia de Antonio Martorell (1983) by Enrique Trigo. This screening will take place in the Julio Rosado del Valle Room at the MACPR on Wednesday, March 27, 6:30pm.

Martorell’s “Retorno al hogar (Labrando)” opened on February 21 and will be on view until July 27, 2019. See previous post

[Just for the fun of it, I have added a 7-minute clip on the artist by PBS. See]

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