Marta Moreno Vega withdraws from El Museo del Barrio exhibition


Maximiliano Durón (Art News) writes that Afro-Puerto Rican artist and former director of the Caribbean Cultural Center African Diaspora Institute (CCCADI), Dr. Marta Moreno Vega, has withdrawn a work from a forthcoming exhibition—“Culture and The People: El Museo del Barrio, 1969–2019”—scheduled to open on April 11, 2019. He adds that Puerto Rican art historian and independent curator Marina Reyes Franco declared that she “will no longer participate in a panel at the museum that she was set to moderate.”

Durón explains that this is a sign of continuing tension between community members and El Museo del Barrio in New York because of El Museo’s recent hiring of Brazilian curator Rodrigo Moura as chief curator and Mexican curator Patrick Charpenel as executive director (hired in 2017). He also says, “Activists have accused the museum of prioritizing work by Latin American artists, at the expense of Latinx artists, and being out of touch with its neighbors in East Harlem and its founding Puerto Rican community.”

According to Durón, Moreno Vega said that she would refuse to show her work at an institution “divorced from our communities” and one “that devalues the contributions of El Barrio’s creatives,” adding that El Museo is “caught up in the art for art sake framework of Eurocentric institution[s] that devalued our vision and perspectives and presence.” [. . .]

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