Film Screenings: The Vieques Struggle


Over the next three Sundays, The People’s Forum will be screening a film series about the Vieques (Puerto Rico) struggle to the benefit the community radio station know as Radio  Vieques. The first screening is scheduled for tomorrow, March 24, followed by screenings on March 31 and April 7 (see details beow). There is a $10 suggested donation for each screening.* The People’s Forum is located at 320 West 37th Street, New York.

Part 1: Sunday March 24, 4-6 PM
Vieques: an island and its people (Vicente Juarbe, 1981)
Vieques: un pueblo forjando futuros (Johanna Bermúdez, 2001)

Part 2: Sunday, March 31, 4-6 PM
Cuando lo pequeño se hace grande (Mariem Pérez, 2000)
Vieques: worth every bit of struggle (Mary Patierno, 2004)

Part 3: Sunday, April 7, 4-6 PM
Vieques: Una batalla inconclusa (Juan C. Dávila, 2016) [Q&A and comments by Robert Rabin (Director, Radio Vieques) and Juan Carlos Dávila (Director, Vieques: una batalla inconclusa), after the screening on April 7 for the closing.]

Description: Once one of the most important military bases in the world, the island of Vieques, as well as Culebra and the area of Roosevelt Roads, were used for more than 60 years as land for a variety of military practices by the US Navy. The movement to obtain the departure of the navy or “Peace for Vieques” was undoubtedly a milestone in contemporary Puerto Rican history. However, their claims continue, as neither the total return of the lands nor the necessary decontamination has happened, and no compensation has been directed to concretize the equality and justice that the Culebrenses, Viequenses and Puerto Ricans deserve.

This special, 3-part film screening will present a series of documentaries that show the historical background of the Vieques case, so that we can understand, accompany and learn from the Vieques struggle. The films are part of the The Vieques Historical Archives (AHV), which was established in 1990 as a center for research on Vieques with a huge amount of documentation related to a wide variety of topics: archeology, architecture, literature, African slavery and the sugar industry of the nineteenth century, twentieth-century sugar mills, worker struggle of 1915, the presence and activities of the United States Navy on the island and the historic and heroic struggle against the military presence. Both the AHV and Museum of Vieques Historic Memory (MMHV) document the socio-historical processes of Vieques from the perspective of people in struggle.

*All the profits obtained will be destined to Radio Vieques, a non profit organization and community radio station that works with the communities in the east of Puerto Rico, Vieques and Culebra.

For tickets or more information:

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