21st Century/New African and African Diaspora Writings and Arts: Caribbean


The Institute of African American Affairs (IAAA) and Center for Black Visual Culture (CBVC) at New York University (NYU) present “21st Century/New African and African Diaspora Writings and Arts: Caribbean” on Monday, March 25, 2019, from 6:00 to 8:00pm. The discussion, moderated by Ifeona Fulani (Global Liberal Studies, NYU), includes artist Renee Cox; Vanessa Pérez Rosario (Modern Languages and Literatures, Brooklyn College); Rosie Gordon-Wallace (founder and senior curator of Diaspora Vibe Gallery and Diaspora Vibe Cultural Arts Incubator); and Myriam J. A. Chancy (Hartley Burr Alexander Chair in the Humanities at Scripps College). This event will take place at the Global Center for Academic and Spiritual Life-NYU (5th Floor, Grand Hall, 238 Thompson Street, New York, New York).

Description: African and African Diaspora writers and artists have met the 21st century with unprecedented new images and visions of themselves and of the diaspora around the world. They are reengendering themselves and acquiring new and active identities, social, political and sexual, in their writing and artistic processes. In this installment of the 21st Century/New African and African Diaspora Writings and Arts Series, women of Caribbean descent will examine and discuss their own works and the Caribbean as a diasporan site with literary and artistic productions, while paying close attention to changes taking place in the styles, artistic, political perspectives and visions of how to be of Caribbean descent in the world today, and how to mediate between multiple and diverse identity positions.

Please RSVPnyuiaaa-cbvc-events@nyu.edu or (212) 998-IAAA (4222)
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The Institute of African American Affairs (IAAA) and Center for Black Visual Culture (CBVC) at New York University are both interdisciplinary spaces for students, faculty, post-doc fellows, artists, scholars and the general public. Founded in 1969, IAAA’s mission continues to research, document, and celebrate the cultural and intellectual production of Africa and its diaspora in the Atlantic world and beyond with a commitment to the study of Blacks in modernity through concentrations in Pan-Africanism and Black Urban Studies. The CBVC, expanding on that mission, is a space for scholarly and artistic inquiry (framing and reframing) into the understanding and exploration of images focusing on black people globally with critical evaluation of images in multiple realms of culture, including how various archives and the development of visual technologies affect the construction of representations. The goals of IAAA and CBVC converge to promote and encourage collaborative research projects, experimental learning and open spaces to the larger community for broad and thematic discussions through various, diverse and dynamic public programming and initiatives by way of conferences, lectures, workshops, screenings, exhibitions, readings, performances, visiting scholars, artist residencies and publications.

Source: https://nyuiaaa.org/event-items/21st-century-new-african-and-african-diaspora-writings-and-arts-caribbean/

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