Lecture: Annalee Davis, “Apothecaries of Resistance”


Barbadian visual artist Annalee Davis will deliver a lecture—“Apothecaries of Resistance”—on Wednesday, March 27, 2019, at 4:00pm, at MLB 201, Emory University (located at 201 Dowman Drive, Atlanta, Georgia).

Description: This guest lecture by Annalee Davis, Caribbean visual artist and cultural instigator, explores the plantation as the main economic model of colonization and suggests alternate cartographies of the soil. The presentation looks at historical contaminations traumatically inscribed into the landscape. Davis layers topographies that allow certain considerations to become evident enabling varied understandings and possible relationships with a differently imagined landscape.

This event is sponsored by the Latin American and Caribbean Studies Program, the Department of French and Italian, and the Hightower Fund.

Follow Annalee Davis at:


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